15_UNSW_1032_HeadshotWill works within a philosophical tradition that interrogates distinctions of presence from absence. One such study concerns how an individual’s thoughts, actions, and attributes, are products of what is not that individual. His theoretical expertise includes 19th and 20th century phenomenological and post-structuralist philosophy, ancient Stoic philosophy, social theory, and sociology.

Will has authored various articles and book chapters, as well as these books:

beyond  social  late

Will has three scholarly projects. One project explores how continental philosophy and social/sociological theory conceive of the relations between our personal experiences of time and larger structures of time. The second project studies how Stoic philosophy situates our individualities within communal and physical environments. The third project maps the relations between phenomenology, structuralism, and post-structuralism.

Will’s teaching experience includes university course coordination, lecturing, and tutoring, as well as creating and lecturing public philosophy courses. His completed PhD thesis examined philosophical and sociological conceptions of time. His undergraduate training (Bachelor of Arts, Honours Class I) majored in both philosophical and sociological theories and research methods. He has reviewed articles submitted for publication for numerous academic journals, including Time & Society, and the Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour.

Will is the founder and owner of Planktos Press. In this role he is also responsible for translating select philosophical texts from French into English.

Will hosts two podcasts. Mind Tuning explores relationships between mental health and music, whilst Techno Umbilico discusses important tracks from the histories of techno, trance, acid house, and associated genres. Under the name Wont he has recorded and released two solo music albums, Wont, and Forget the Found.

You can contact Will via the contact page or Twitter.

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