Will Johncock studies the social/structural conditions of our existence, and interrogates beliefs in individualism. He works within the fields of continental philosophy, ancient and modern Stoic philosophy, social theory, and sociology.

He is the author of the books Stoic Philosophy and Social Theory, and Naturally Late: Synchronization in Socially Constructed Times. He has also authored various articles and book chapters.

He has two projects. One project explores how continental philosophy, and social/sociological theory, conceive of the relations between our subjective experiences of time and society’s structuring of time. The other project compares how Stoic philosophy, and social/sociological theory, position our subjectivity in relation to our broader environments.

His teaching experience includes university course coordination, lecturing, and tutoring, as well as creating and lecturing public courses. His completed PhD thesis examined philosophical and sociological conceptions of time. His undergraduate training (BA first class honours) majored in both philosophical and sociological theory and research methods.

You can contact him via willjohncock@gmail.com or Twitter.

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