Commuting Time Study: Survey

This survey will be anonymous, take around 5 minutes to complete, and research experiences with commuting time.

Commuting in the context of this survey will refer to travelling to or from a job, not travelling as part of paid hours. This could comprise one morning and one evening commute to and from an office. Alternatively it could encompass the many commutes done each day between jobs by tradespeople and gig economy workers (Uber drivers, Menulog deliverers, etc.). This survey will ask:

— How you commute?

— What you do during your commute?

— How you define the time spent commuting (personal time? work time? etc.)?

— How your commuting time affects your time spent at/during work?

— Whether you retrieve personal time lost to commuting while at work?

This study will contribute a new perspective to debates around whether commuting time is part of the workday, or adjacent to it, and its consequent status in relation to pay.

Commuting Time survey