Hi, I’m Will

IMG_5058Hi, I’m Will. I like swimming, listening to progressive/deep house, watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, playing guitar, and living in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia.

I’m also the creator of this site Counting sheep – which explores examples where qualitatively differentiated aspects of the world and our experiences, are instead problematically characterised as only being quantitatively differentiated.

I take examples of the tendency to defer to comparisons of quantity from various domains of contemporary life – politics, sport, art, media, and so on.

If you read something here you’d like to discuss, leave a comment on the relevant post. Alternatively, contact me privately:


ps…if you’re curious about the academic background from which I’m coming to this project, I usually write about time, structuralism, and phenomenology. A recent example is found in my chapter of this book:

What if culture was nature all along